Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Links That Bring Us Closer

Remember that impulse purchase that I made? Well…it’s teaching me lessons already haha. Lesson number one...make sure of the size. I was shocked when I opened the package and saw how small it was in size. Trust me…there was NO WAY that it was fitting around my wrist. So, thinking that they must have made a mistake, I went back to the website to re-check the size, and found out that the mistake-maker in this situation was without a doubt yours truly (aka…me).

So…dejected, disappointed, and truly believing that I was going to have to send back the bracelet that I really wanted but kind of spent too much for on an impulse, I decided to try to make it longer. Now I tried necklace extensions and basically every extension sort of thing that I could find in my jewelry box, but it was either too long then or still too short. And let me tell you by this time I was regretting the hell out of the purchase I had made, beating up on myself for spending so much money for it, not checking the size, and really for even buying it at all. I kept asking myself why and the heck did I buy this thing? Why did I spend so much on a bracelet that I didn’t even need just to “remind” myself that soul searching is all “about the journey?” I mean, couldn’t I just remind myself of that? And then it went from that to feeling guilty about spending the money on myself in the first place and well…it just spiraled a little out of control from there.
Then I saw a broken necklace in my jewelry box that I never wear because, well, it’s broken. And as I looked more closely at it I saw that the links on it were almost identical to the links at the end of the bracelet, and I thought,” Why don’t I just put more links on the bracelet?” And, folks, that’s what I did because apparently sometimes not even things that you order online, that you rightfully expect to fit perfectly, will fit perfectly right out of the package: and neither does soul searching. Journeys and soul searching don’t fit into the perfectly square box that I want to fit them into, sometimes they work more like the links on a chain, making you piece on one link after another until you get to the place that you really need to be. So here’s to putting links on the soul searching chain J  

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