Friday, February 17, 2012

The Things That Await

Sometimes things happen to us that we don’t expect, don’t get to anticipate, or don’t necessarily even want.  Sometimes things happen to us that we never dared to hope for in a million years or, on the flipside, that we never wanted to have to face in a million years.  Sometimes we receive the opportunity of a lifetime or the disaster of a lifetime, seemingly so randomly as if fate decided to just flip a coin that day. I’ve never really thought a great deal about how different events impact my life; I just take the good with the bad and go on…or try to anyway. But what if one tiny decision or one supposed disaster makes all the difference? What if one meant-to-be event leads to exactly the right things, even if it’s seen as a “disaster” right now?

As we all know, I’m on a journey to find myself and what I truly want out of life, and it’s difficult. But I don’t think that I would be here right now if it weren’t for the rough summer that I had (and probably some previous events before that). I don’t think that I would even be caring about finding myself or being true to myself if I hadn’t gone through that rough time. And I’ve been struggling with getting perspective on this past summer because, well, “disasters” don’t really seem to have a reason at the time they’re happening or even after they’ve happened. They just sort of happen and leave you to pick up the pieces, pieces that you’re obviously not prepared to pick up or even deal with yet. But they’re there waiting for you while you hate them and the event that caused them until you either let them consume you…or let them go.

 And as I said, sometimes these events make all the difference.  Sometimes these “disasters” are really opportunities in disguise, opportunities to do what you’re actually meant to be doing, to do what feels right instead of what seems right.  Sometimes these “disasters” need to happen in order to help you walk confidently or even unconfidently into the unknown that will actually make you happy in the end, the unknown that will send you on a journey like I’m on, the unknown that will change your life forever.

And I’ll be honest; it’s not always easy to accept a difficult time as an opportunity. In fact, it’s really hard. But what if it’s exactly what needed to happen in order to send you on the path to true happiness?

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