Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fitness Truths Unveiled!

All right y'all, my favorite website, FitBottomedGirls, (check them out at does something called fitness truths. I love this idea because it makes you get real about fitness, so get ready because it's about to GET REAL, about fitness, up in here!

Now after much surious (yes, I meant to spelled it like that) thought with my "surious" face on I came up with my fitness truths. Be prepared not all of them are pretty, but who is when they're sweatin' like a beast? Not me, and it's not about being pretty anyway it's about being FIT! So without further adieu here they are!

1. I may not have a runner's body, but I sure as hell have a runner's heart (note my missing running so much, not being able to has been and still is torturous *sadface*)

2. Running isn't about just burning calories for me; it's about feeling STRONG.

3. Speaking of calories, I worry too darn much about them, and that's just not mentally healthy.

4. I want to be an athlete because honestly athletes are kind of badass.

5. I don't vary my workouts enough. I've realized this while being injured...

6. I don't like to workout with others because I'm not confident in my own abilities. They're always stronger, faster, fitter, or better than I am.

7. While I love lots of things, namely desserts, shoes, and shopping, none of them get me nearly so excited as thinking about this upcoming sprint triathlon training that I'm about to delve into.

8. I freaking love shopping for workout gear and workout accessories, especially sports bras and running shoes.

9. I want to become a yogi someday; I just have to start doing yoga regularly first.

10. I have a hard time understanding that being "fit" means being healthy, mind, body,and soul healthy. I associate it too much with being thin and neglect my mind and soul a little too much.

So there you have it, all of my nitty gritty, scary, and kind of empowering truths about fitness, or sometimes lack thereof. I encourage all of you to check out FitBottomedGirls because, well, it's my favorite website for a reason. And you all should definitely check it out around March because my post, "The Skinny on Being Skinny," is going to be run on there! How exciting is that?! And as for truths about fitness, I encourage y'all to make them; they're very empowering. I all about some self-reflection around here, and who couldn't stand to have some reflection on fitness? That's what fitness is about, doing what's healthy, and fitness truths are a GREAT way to figure out why you do what you do in order to keep doing what's healthiest for you or overcome some unhealthy business in order to be the healthiest you can be :D It was for me anyway!

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