Friday, January 6, 2012

Still Splinted :(

Well friends, I, as my post title says, am still splinted. I am stuck with this incredibly stylish piece of anklewear for at least three more weeks. It's sad news, saaaaad news. And unfortunately this means that I still can't run. I'm stuck walking. Therefore I've decided to make peace with the monotony that is walking. I don't hate walking, but it's just not the same as running.

So as of right now I plan to keep on keeping on with walking, and I think my friend and I are going to start triathlon training soon. I'm insanely excited about that. We may just have to wait on the running for a bit. Talk about broadening my exercise horizons, huh?

However in the meantime I have never had my walking surfaces so limited. I'm sure you're wondering what I mean by that...well, I am to avoid gravel, grass, rocky surfaces, uneven surfaces, surfaces with holes, surfaces with stray sticks, logs, rocks etc. I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of any right now. And that's with the splint. Basically I can walk on straight, flat, and even pavement and in my house. On the upside though I'm allowed to walk without the splint for a couple of hours a my house haha. So take that injury!

As for running...I can't run again until I have ABSOLUTELY NO pain. And I'm sure he didn't mean just pretending to not have pain because...well, I asked him, and he said no. So hopefully (and I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one) I'll be back to running within another three weeks to a month, if I'm super careful. So wish me luck and no klutzy moments :)

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