Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Splinted :(

Well...I have officially been "splinted." I must wear this beautiful white, green, and oh so stylish air splint, courtesy of the medical supply place down the street, for basically 24 hours a day, minus sleep and showers. Though I'm sure that if my doctor knew how roughly I sleep he probably wouldn't have said minus the joke's on him haha.

For my followers who don't know the background to this injury, I rolled my ankle while running about a month and a half ago, and let me tell you it hurt. It hurt REAL bad. However I, being the she-woman-beast that I am, felt no need for a trip to the ER and was like, "no it's fine, and it will heal in a few weeks."  Well a month and a half later (which is now by the way), it still hurts, so I went to the doctor...and found out that I tore my tendon in two, thus the air splint for the next two to three weeks. Talk about major inconvenience. Ok, it's not that just makes my left ankle look like it has elephantitus or something. And it's supposed to fit in my shoe, but that's proven quite difficult so far.

So what does this mean for my running plans over the break? doctor kind of put the kabosh on that. However, I can still walk and ride a bike, so I'm going to get my biking on in order to start preparing for the sprint triathlon that I and a friend of mine are going to do. So...maybe there is a silver lining to this whole "splinted" business: I'm going to open myself up to new forms of exercise since running (my fav) is so clearly out, and I'm clearly either an idiot or a bamf for walking around on a torn-in-half tendon for over a month. You decide...either way I'm going with the BAMF :-D 

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